No one is spared of the Monday blues. Some deal with it as if they were born with the ‘Monday’ genes. In comparison, the rest of us drag ourselves through Monday mornings as if we were suddenly dropped from the sky. At least the first half goes like this until the boss wakes us up with the required gusto! So what’s the solution? Simple – just get started. To make it a smoother sail, it helps if you keep a few things in mind, starting with setting the alarm 10 minutes early to give you the time to roll out of bed. Here is a list of things I feel should not only help you deal with the Monday blues but also enable you to glide through the week effortlessly.

  1. 1. Being organised

All your efforts go waste if you don’t plan what you are going to do today. It’s not easy moving ahead without having a clear idea as to what is the final objective or goal.

2. Making a paper-pen ‘to-do’ list

I swear by a to-do list. Before you start the day, sit down for a few minutes, and write down the activities or things you want to attend to on the day and pin it to the board.

3. Setting aside blocks of time for each job

If you know what you are doing, you have a fair idea of how much time it will take. So, make sure you keep an adequate time slot for it. 

4. Avoid multi-tasking 

Having too many things to do will result in the work not getting done properly. Your attention and effort both get stretched. So, deal with one thing at a time or as per what is important.  

5. Prioritising without distractions

It’s easy to get distracted by other trivial things if your goals are not clear or you don’t know what it is you are doing. Be clear about your goals or else your efforts may get diverted.

6. Having a clutter-free work area 

Follow a system to keep your work area organised. Keep your schedule simple and uncomplicated. Making too many entries or scheduling one too many interlinked activities can cause avoidable confusion and delays. 

7. Searching for things

We don’t realise it, but a lot of time is wasted in searching for things because they are not kept in the correct place or don’t have a correct place! Sounds silly, but think about all the time you have spent searching for documents, pens, paper clips, etc.

8. Planning in advance 

How can you proceed with the day if you haven’t planned your day? You need to think about the sequence of steps to be taken to go through the day and complete the work.

9. Dilly-dallying or indecisiveness

Procrastination results from not planning and organising your work. No point postponing it. It only adds to the pile of work to be dealt with. Rather do it asap and get it over with.

10. Watching TV / social media to fill time gaps

This is the topper! Don’t get into the habit of watching TV because there’s nothing else to do or you’re bored. Sitting mindlessly and watching reruns or scrolling through the various social media sites can result in losing precious time. 

11. Checking emails repeatedly

Reading and rereading emails may make you ‘look’ busy but, it’s wasting your time if you can’t take the required action. Either stop procrastinating and deal with it or move on. 

12. Grouping your errands or work 

If you are headed towards a particular area and if you plan your errands or work, then it can be done at the same time. This saves you from making multiple trips to the same place or area.

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  1. Nice article . I thinking waking up early also helps you catch the day and less stressed.