Deja vu

Just got back from a relaxing weekend in the hills. There’s something in the air there that gets to me. I have always felt totally at home in these environs; it’s like home, a sense of belonging, of comfort, of freedom. I don’t know. It’s always felt this way doesn’t matter which place it’s been. Whether it’s a commercial tourist destination or a tiny little indescribable hamlet tucked in the hills.  Maybe it’s the air…like I said before. The clean air, the open spaces, the sparkling sunshine, the smiles on the rugged features of the people or the star spangled skies. Whatever it is, I just love the place up there among the hills and want to be there…forever! Read more


It’s all over the news channels, in the newspapers, networking sites, everywhere. The amount of space it’s occupying shows the importance attached to it. Before I continue I must tell you it’s about MS Dhoni’s retirement from test cricket. Yup, I was talking about this news. The lost Air Asia flight, incursions by terrorists along J&K border, China’s expanding military ambitions, ISIS crisis, all fade away in comparison to this particular bit of information. Gosh, it’s unbelievable! Read more


Went to see the latest Aamir Khan movie ‘PK’. As usual it was good. I mean when I say good, I don’t just mean it as a package but in how such a sensitive subject has been dealt with. Of late when I go to watch an Aamir Khan movie I go with expectations of having my comfort zone shaken.  I’ve been forced to look at ‘things’ from a perspective which is very obvious yet not palatable to the average mind. PK has once again made us all rethink about something’s which we all in our deep subconscious know as a ‘wrong’, yet most of us would not touch it with a pole. Even with people with whom we profess to be honest, we discuss such issues cautiously lest we disturb their sensibilities. Read more