(for those who know it all and for those who are still struggling even after years of experience)
Is it only me or are there other overwhelmed and hassled parents out there wondering what’s happening around them? I mean with raising children. Am I doing it right or is there something wanting? Every time I call up any of my friends, the conversation somehow manages to drift to the children – their studies, behavior, food habits, digital media, etc. etc. In short, it’s all about the children. No, no, I am not complaining. I’m blessed with two angels (well, that description varies on the situation and circumstances!) and I can’t think of a life without them. But how did this happen? Why is it we can’t discuss other mundane yet interesting things like, I don’t know, maybe our interests, hobbies, books, movies? When did they take over us and started dictating terms? We had a whole rocking (no pun intended!) life before these lovable minions invaded our universe. So, what happened? Read more