Hell It's Mine

What we think, what we speak and what we do are never in tune with one another. This page is dedicated to what I think.

IMG_4584When life throws lemons, we make lemonade. That’s the guiding principle of my life. So when as a child asthma kept me down, I rose up each time to try something new, something which I was strictly told not to try. Like going to the library. Yes, going to the library. The musty smell could trigger the next attack, I was told. But that’s where you would most certainly find me, among the dusty racks in the library. Those books kept me company when I lay in bed for days together while my friends would be out running and playing.

My grandfather was my inspiration. My earliest memories are of sitting with him in the backyard and he, either reading out some book or narrating some mythological stories. He would feed us with a constant supply of books stored in their garage. Old hard bound, moth – ridden copies of novels and classics, and even poetry. That’s how my love affair with the words started. Writing happened naturally; it was the product of my spending hours lost in the labyrinth of the printed words.

With years came experiences, good and bad. There was so much to say and to share. Encouraged by my grandfather, once again, I started writing articles and journals. I started maintaining a diary. While reading expanded my horizons, writing became the voice inside my head. I would record all my travels and adventures (some crazy enough that it would make for good fiction!). I even wrote about my trials and tribulations as a young, struggling mother which, I feel, was the best way to get the desperation and frustration out of my system.

Then thanks to the internet, blogging happened. My friends literally made me start my own blog at gunpoint! I wrote for myself all these years, rarely shared the notes with anyone. So writing and having it out there is a huge step for me. The response till now has been positive and that’s kept me at it still.

Hoping you will like and enjoy what I write. Your feedback would be the report card as I trudge along.

Have a great day!



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