Book Review of Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kane

Book Review of Lanka’s Princess by Kavita Kane
The current breed of Indian writers is a brave lot. They are not scared of experimenting with the set-in-stone mythologies which have been part of our ‘cultural upbringing’ diet for generations. The Rama of Ramayana and Krishna of the Mahabharata have been humanised, making their follies look more acceptable; Ravana is no longer the blood thirsty brute nor are the Kauravas just power hungry brothers. Read more

Growing Up

When the first time I had laid eyes on her, she looked like a little plucked chicken…all red and shrivelled, swaddled in the folds of a soft blanket which I had washed repeatedly so that it becomes even more soft, if that was possible!! She was trying her best to open her eyes and get busy with the business of life. Years have passed and my “chicken li’l” has grown up. Oh yes, I still call her by that name. She’s always busy, picking here, pecking there…always, always on the move. Her hunger for living every moment is infectious, just as her smile. The room lights up when she smiles, or is it because of the brightness of her eyes? I don’t know, doesn’t really matter. I call her my sunshine. The big smile with which she wakes up makes my day. Her positivity and energy immediately spur me to move it and get on with it. Read more



Another day comes to an end..another chapter added to our lives..another set of experiences which has enriched our existence!! I prefer to look at the year end like this. Not with a long sigh and alarm at the passing time. If the time hadn’t passed we wouldn’t have lived it, would we? The only way I can explain the year zooming past me this year is that I had my hands full. There was so much to do, so much to achieve, so much to give and so much to receive. This year has been special because I met with so many people, some of whom I hadn’t met for many years. It was wonderful. Its been an eventful year with its share of ups and downs, unexpected twists and turns, hurts and healing hugs. In short its been wholesome. No complaints, no regrets. Read more

Good Morning

Its just one of those mornings when you wake up with a wonderful feeling, as if its all going to be fine. I woke up with a warm feeling in my heart. The morning sun was trying to break out from behind the cloud cover. The slits of dark red announced the arrival of another day. Its was a breath-taking view, and as I watched it from my bed I realised it was not going to be just another day. It was going to be different. I don’t know how. And at that hour my brain was too groggy to figure out the details. But yes the feeling was pretty much the same. So here I am writing my first blog (thanks Sandy di) without knowing what’s it going to be about or what I’m going to do with it later.
So here’s to new beginnings.