Hell It's Mine

What we think, what we speak and what we do are never in tune with one another. This page is dedicated to what I think.

Parents must realise that education happens even outside the classrooms. The child learns so much about the world beyond his family and discovers parts of his or her personality which have otherwise been ignored. Therefore parents should, and must, encourage the children to explore new activities during the summer vacations instead of doing the same cliched things. I have listed out a few activities to happily engage children for the summertime.

We are a little less than a fortnight into the new year and 2022 promises to look exciting. The year 2021 came and went and nobody felt bad about it coming to an end. I mean it’s a complete year, a twelve-month duration from our lives and yet everyone I spoke to was glad it was over. Kind of sad but then I guess each one of us had our own reason for that. But I can’t get myself to blame it for the way things went. I believe it’s all in the head; it’s how we want to look at it.

At the beginning of every year, I religiously set a target for myself – the number of books I’m going to read in the year. I’m proud to say till this year I’ve always managed to meet the target and had even surpassed it some years (oh yes!). But this year, I realised that I had not met the target; actually, I was way, way below the mark. My excuse – it’s been a crazy year. I know I used the excuse last year also but this year I’m admitting it. Feeling a little bad about it but no worries I have still managed to read some fantastic books and loved the time I spent with them. Here are the top 5 books of 2021 I super enjoyed.

So, I decided to list down a few things I felt these kids need to know, need to equip themselves with as they step out into the real world, without their parents watching out for them at each step, pandering to their every wish, paying for their every fancy. Learning about these life skills can be started off even before they’re ready to move out so that it becomes a part of their personality.

If there’s something that’s difficult to do, it’s to be happy – just plain, simple happy. Yes, as simple as it may sound, being happy is one of the most difficult things to do. And ironical it may be that it is an easily achievable target. It doesn’t need pots of gold or fame or fancy clothes or fancy houses. All it needs is a few changes in the way we do things, minor tweaks in our attitude and more importantly, the will to try them out before we get all cynical or brush it off as new-age pish-posh. No harm trying it out, what say?

If you think getting the interview call is the most important thing, then think again. It is just the beginning of a long drawn out process which begins with preparing yourself overall.  Yes, you would go over your resume a couple of times, prepare answers for all the expected and unexpected questions, read up on the internet about the company, practice your expressions before the mirror and follow as many bits of advice and suggestions contributed by the well-meaning friends and family. But have you given a thought about YOUR presentation? No! Well, I’m not surprised. You would most likely pull out the best available clothes on the day and rush out. Let’s see what needs to be done.