Hell It's Mine

What we think, what we speak and what we do are never in tune with one another. This page is dedicated to what I think.

A lot of my online friends,(well, I seem to have more of them than the real life ones!), have taken the 100  days of happiness challenge. Sounded weird to me. I mean, can you really limit the number of days you can be happy, or appear to be happy? What about the rest of the days of your life? Aren’t we supposed to be happy then? Or was I missing the point? Then one of my ‘real life’ friend explained the concept to me.

Rotis are rotis. Round or otherwise. It will always have atta and some water to make it into a soft dough. The shape becomes relevant in the context. I mean the ingredients remain the same, well most of the time, unless you decide to become adventurous and improvise. You know like add some thing extra like freshly chopped dhania or some finely grated veggies which would otherwise be unpalatable to the kids. So I guess the shape and size do not really matter.