Do you really want to watch these daily soaps and sitcoms?

When my injured shoulder left me with very few activity options (since moving the arm was excruciatingly painful), I decided to (mis)use my time doing something which is rarely on my to-do list. Watch TV. And by god, I still don’t know which was more painful – moving my arm or watching the daily soaps? Switching channels did not help as each one was out to outdo the other. I mean is it really this bad or am I missing something? And this kind of badgering is acceptable, I am told. Alas!

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Do round rotis taste better than non round rotis

Rotis are rotis. Round or otherwise. It will always have atta and some water to make it into a soft dough. The shape becomes relevant in the context. I mean the ingredients remain the same, well most of the time, unless you decide to become adventurous and improvise. You know like add some thing extra like freshly chopped dhania or some finely grated veggies which would otherwise be unpalatable to the kids. So I guess the shape and size do not really matter.

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It’s all over the news channels, in the newspapers, networking sites, everywhere. The amount of space it’s occupying shows the importance attached to it. Before I continue I must tell you it’s about MS Dhoni’s retirement from test cricket. Yup, I was talking about this news. The lost Air Asia flight, incursions by terrorists along J&K border, China’s expanding military ambitions, ISIS crisis, all fade away in comparison to this particular bit of information. Gosh, it’s unbelievable! Read more