The Agni in the Agnipath scheme

The Agni in the Agnipath scheme

Ever since the Govt declared the Agnipath scheme, it’s been in the headlines more for the violence it has triggered across the nation than for what’s it about. So much so that there are more news articles telling us what’s burning where rather than what’s the reason for such anguish. Even before we could understand the proposal, our overzealous unemployed brethren have gone on a rampage destroying the Govt property of the very same Govt they want to work for. It’s really confusing, at least for me. 

A Historical Legacy
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A Historical Legacy

What do we plan to leave behind for the generations to come? An exhausted and pillaged planet? Loads of plastic waste? A world divided on petty and frivolous excuses? Or do we want them to feel grateful for their inheritance? Maybe a better quality of life? A proud heritage? A rich cultural legacy? Individual decisions are based on individual circumstances but as a generation of people what are we leaving behind? I’ve often wondered about this and the answers are always different. 

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Hijab or no Hijab

It took Russia to attack Uzbekistan for our newspapers and news channels to change their headlines. Ever since the hijab ban controversy spiralled out of control, everyone (with any or no knowledge) was giving their unwarranted advice/suggestions/opinions. So I decided it’s time to express my feelings too. I mean why should I not, whether it makes sense or not to others is totally secondary and inconsequential. So here goes, and you don’t have to agree with what I say. 

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Are Parents Responsible for the Behaviour of the Child?

To say that the pandemic has created an upheaval in our lives is an understatement. It was affected each one of us in so many unimaginable ways. Sometimes the effect was direct, as in one has lost someone dear to the virus, or sometimes one was a mute, helpless spectator as the virus danced to its macabre tunes. Either way, no one was spared. It brought us all down to a level playing ground where even the rich couldn’t buy their way through. But if one were to choose the category of people who were, and are, the most hit then it would be the children.