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The definition of Mother has undergone a change now. No more the all sacrificing, virtuosic figure glorified by the Bollywood mothers like Nirupama Roy. The new age mother is all that and more. She has come to realise that she too is an individual and one of the primary roles that she’s essaying is that of a mother.

And it just doesn’t end there. Today’s mother has to prepare to be the role model her kids can look up to with pride. The sons need to see for themselves how she balances all her roles with aplomb, and the girls need to learn from her how to do it with such grace and attitude. It’s no longer competition about who’s better – a hardcore professional or a stay-at-home mom; it’s about being a nurturer who is there for the children when THEY need you. It’s always been a difficult role to play and believe me, in spite of everything, it still hasn’t got easier. There are no manuals or YouTube videos which can teach you how to be a perfect mother.

With so many stay-at-home dads joining the brigade, ‘mother’ has become free of the gender stereotypes within which it had found itself captive since time immemorial. Fathers too have become mothers. They are no longer insecure about their masculinity and have pitched in to raise the children. The hands-on dads have redefined being a mother. With such positive changes happening, I feel it’s not fair to celebrate this one day. Each day is a learning experience and an adventure, and needs to be celebrated everyday. I can’t stop being a mother even for a day and each day I feel I’m twice blessed (okay, not on all the days – somedays I feel like Maa Kali!)!

Wishing all the Mothers a wonderful day filled with love and happiness.

I came across this blog on one of the blog sites. Found it cute and thought of sharing it. https://nirmayeepatil.wixsite.com/lostinthoughts/post/__why
I’ve provided the link in case you want to read more this aspiring and promising blogger!

“Waking up to the chaotic noise of the traffic,
Then, get stuck in that traffic for nearly two hours,
Never quietly sitting for even ten minutes,
Never even heard the voice of the chirping bird.”

She always thought about all of this but never had time to sit down quietly and sip her tea in peace. She would always be in a hurry to finish her tasks that she could maybe get some rest. As soon as she arrived at home, she would throw her bag on the couch and start cooking. She never got a holiday, not even on festivals.

Festivals are the time she worked even harder. She has to listen to the whole family’s problems and yet no one listens to her problems. If she does something wrong by PHOTO-2020-05-10-14-01-15
mistake, there is havoc in the house; if someone else does it, it’s completely fine. She understands every problem and tries solving them. She makes you laugh and cry. If you are hurt, she asks you how.

She is a woman
She is your mother.

This Mother’s Day write a big thank you note for everything she has done for you, for every time she made you smile. Thank you, Ma!

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. hellitsmine says:

    I totally agree with your thoughts….in today’s world the word “Nurturer” is more appropriate to address a person who takes care of the loved ones.

  2. shalmalip says:

    Completely agree today’s mother is playing multiple roles at the same time.she is not ONLY mother to her children.she is advisor,caretaker, role model,friend,guide and so on……..
    Happy mothers day to All Moms.!

  3. Thank you for featuring my blog!

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