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  1. Wowww.. superbly written..I cld actually feel the breeze,sand and the camaraderie once again..looking forward for more such trips…Sonika

  2. That's a whole load of compliments after just one drive. Having done so many of these trips, I realize that its not really the organization or the things you see or do. Mostly its just the people who are on the drive, and the moments you share with them. That's why we call RTC – Camaraderie on four wheels. Because that's what this is all about. Plain and simple. When Chirag called me to check he could join, it was heartening to know that someone all the way from Pune wanted to join.

    See you on the next drive Gomati!

  3. Nicely narrated! Can’t agree more on the human interaction and fun in asking for direction. Columbus didn’t use google map and yet discovered a different place 😉

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