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The Maratha bandh called for by certain aggrieved sections of the society on 09 Aug was supposed to be a peaceful one. That was the assurance given by the groups leading the agitation. Then the expected happened. There was large-scale violence in places like Pune and Waluj. I know it’s not surprising or unexpected. It happens every time. But what is worth thinking about is, like always, the target of the violence had nothing to do with the reasons for the agitation – the demand for reservation for the Marathas in academic institutions and employment.

There were reports of extensive damages to factories and industrial units. Vehicles were torched, property damaged, employees assaulted. Even private cars were not spared. How is this in any way related to the demands? What will they do with the reservations, if they do manage to wrestle it from the government – what with the elections around the corner – if they do not have adequate employment opportunities?

They may get a few more students into universities, they may provide academic degrees to some more aspirants, but after that what? The unemployment conditions don’t improve by damaging the existing infrastructure. How do they propose to employ the new students who would have gained admission into universities because of the reservations? Ok, due to the demands for reservations in the employment quota they may get some job somewhere, but will it be worth it?

Instead of asking for something which doesn’t promise you or your fellow deprived compatriots a better life or opportunities, wouldn’t it better if you ask for better infrastructure, better alternates, better vocational training institutes? Just thinking. Wouldn’t it be of better service to all? Destroying industrial units is the worst thing one can do to the society. It is unpatriotic.

One of their leaders had said that it’s needed to move ahead in life. To move ahead in life, we need more than just reservations in universities. We need a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard – something essentially missing in the mob that went on rampage yesterday. We have enough success stories where they have made it solely because of their hard-work, commitment, sincerity and never-give-up attitude.

So we need to rethink about what we want. If they really want to do service to the nation, then they need to think proactively and desist from such senseless destruction. The nation is changing and so must our thinking. Jai Hind.



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  1. Arnab Ghosh says:

    I completely agree.

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