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Time turned it’s wheels really fast and here we are in the next year. Welcome 2019! I wish everyone, near and dear, real and virtual, a wonderful and adventurous year ahead. I wish them good health, peace and lots of time with loved ones – this is so important in these times of hectic schedules and deadlines.

And what do I wish for myself? Well, no point wishing myself good health because it depends on me. I mean if I don’t take care of myself, there’s little that’s going to happen on that front, right? I don’t need a new year resolution to realise, and unabashedly admit, that I’ve totally been a sluggard in that area. Bingeing on sweets (that I can conveniently blame my mother-in-law because she’s the one who got all those sinful sweets from Kolkata) and gorging on home cooked dishes (blame her for that too!). And most importantly, not continuing with my exercising routines. No runs, no yoga, no swimming.  Just eat and eat and eat.

Anyway digressed from the point totally. What I would wish for myself is some memory power. I know it’s downhill once you cross the 40s but the speed depends on us, right? I mean I enjoy solving crosswords, playing a mean game of scrabble or sudoko, reading tomes (by-the-way, just wanted to brag that I completed the target I had set for myself about the number of books I would read this year!) but all that’s irrelevant.  I need enhanced memory skills to retain all the trivial details that seem to be of critical importance to others; need to remember names of people who I really don’t know or care about; I’ve to remember to look interested in the mundane happenings in the lives of others. I mean it’s all too much. Since when have all these trivialities taken so much importance over what actually matters? I need to remember that too – that nothing is “not important”. Add to that the changing names of places. All those geography lessons seem so redundant, or irrelevant, now. Read about the new names of some of the Andaman Islands. This is driving me crazy. Now I don’t remember where I had been to – Subash Chandra Bose island or Ross Island or …..?

So I guess my wish is genuine. I need memory superpowers to be able to make it through this year and the future.

Did I wish you, my dearest reader, a happy new year? I don’t remember but I know from my heart that I wish you well always. Take care and remember to live life, not exist.


3 thoughts on “2019

  1. Arnab Ghosh says:

    An excellent way to welcome the New Year.

  2. writingcrazypoo says:

    Neat write up, Gomati! I think you do remember small things… Well just that we all have our filtering capability…. So i guess we keep on altering our filters of memory.

    Happy new Year!

    1. hellitsmine says:

      I’m glad you liked it. And more importantly got the essence of it.

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